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Many manufacturers, wholesalers and importers have warehouses they don't need. The cost of building and operating a warehouse as part of the supply chain can be avoided by handing this responsibility over to the System 55 Transport.

We store and deliver raw materials and finished products utilising a computerised inventory control and delivery system which allows timely distribution of freight around the nation.

Our operation is fully computer controlled, using unique software specially developed for our clients' own requirements. This purpose-built system has several important advantages. For instance, records are automatically updated after every transaction. All movements are closely monitored with client stock reports generated on demand.

Warehouse facilities include rack bays, block-stacked areas, container handling, quarantine and fumigation areas. Modern materials handling equipment transports your freight safely and efficiently throughout the distribution centre.

1. Order picking
2. Full clerical service, including order-taking (if required)
3. On-line computer facilities
4. Pick-and-pack
5. Contract warehousing and distribution
6. Re-palletising
7. Stretch wrapping
8. Document storage
9. Labelling


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