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:: General INFO ::
System 55 Transport Inc. operates as an asset based Transport Company. This approach means we are flexible to the changing needs of our customers and the marketplace.

Owning our own delivery fleet means we are not able to provide stability behind every load that we move. System 55 Transport Inc. and our professional subcontractors can arrange all the details involved in shipment from rate and service negotiation to in-transit clearances, permits, and safety inspections, loading/unloading, rigging and transload.

We also track the process of the load to ensure that both the cost factor and time requirements are met.
:: Services ::
System 55 Transport Inc. offers an individualised and specialist service in both domestic and international markets to facilitate the transport of goods door to door.

We can arrange for any kind of freight transport and organise all necessary permissions required to complete the transport using methods such as.

  • Full or partial truckloads blanket wrapped if required.
  • Flatbed shipments.
  • Cargo containers.
  • Local delivery.
  • Short or long term warehousing and cross dock handling.
  • Tailored service to meet your and or your customers’ requirements.
  • Dropdeck Loads.
  • Over dimensional Loads.
  • Excess mass Permits.

For heavy and over dimensional loads we co-ordinate with all relevant Police and Traffic authorities to ensure a smooth and trouble free transit.

If you require another transport method then contact us we’d love to find shipment solutions for you.

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